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Do you help clients complete official third-party forms like Insurance, Legal or Government documents?

Problem: You waste time collecting client data to help them fill in PDFs.

Problem: You refill the same client data into multiple PDFs.

Problem: You need to walk the customer through each PDF & get a signature.

Solution: Send your customer a link to request all their info at once.

Solution: ReUse Client Data to autofill other PDFs.

Solution: All fields are digitally filled out or edited before a secure digital signature is added.

Why Formintel?

We are the ultimate REMOTE WORK SOLUTION.

  1. Make the customer King: your customer will love your Formintel solution.
  2. Reliable and Easy: get your PDF’s completed, irrespective of how much  bandwidth the client has available. * 
  3. Save 50-80%Time: with a client on their paperwork.
  4. Eliminate Admin: automate your office.
  5. Reuse Customer Data: at one touch of a button.
  6. Mobile Friendly: use a smartphone, without the need of an app.
  7. Go Paperless : organize your work, save money and help the planet.

This remote work tool was especially designed for the Insurance Broker, to assist them with their documentation, before they embarked on any existing “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) software journey.

* The bandwidth required, by a client, for a video conference call is about 1,2 megabytes per second, which some households do not possess, but our solution works with a single email, which requires 0.075 megabytes, once-off. (We even transfer the completed PDF back to the broker via our own file-sharing service, so the client does not even need to re-send the completed PDF back to the broker). The Formintel customer experience is however enhanced with a video call, but this is not required to complete any of the transactions.

Video: So How Does FormIntel Work?


You can choose to start with our affordable Standard Broker Package, with the TOP 13 most popular forms, and then add some of your own unique forms later.


  1. We create a web-form with fields that map to any of your official PDF documents.
  2. Your clients submit their data through our user-friendly method.
  3. You can see and edit this info and then use your dashboard to generate the PDF on command.
  4. Later, with one click, autofill a different PDF with the same stored client data.
  5. With one click, arrange to get all the documents electronically signed.

Video: FormIntel Demo Walk-through

Secure Digital Signatures

Our Digital Signatures are the most advanced and secure type of Electronic Signature available.

For additional security we then add a timestamp , record the device and also the IP address that was used to add the signature. 

Video: How to use a Digital signature

The best mobile experience


These top 13 forms are available on our “Standard Broker Package”

  1. Client Take-on form with Due Diligence (Life Cover /Investments)
  2. Client Consent and Broker Appointment
  3. Broker Fees Consent
  4. Client Advice Record and Replacement
  5. FICA – Client Due Diligence
  6. Risk Profile Analyzer (Generic)
  7. Client Minutes
  8. Client Consent only
  9. Client Take-on Form (General)
  10. Sample form for testing
  11. Client Take-on Form (Medical Cover)
  12. Client Take-on Form (Short-Term Personal)
  13. Client Take-on Form (Short-Term Commercial)

Our engineers hardcode your company details in the relevant spots, onto each of these forms under your broker profile

Please note that these 13 forms are the top forms used by the 4 main disciplines, namely life cover and investments, medical, short term, and long-term insurance.


* We can give you a button on the dashboard to upload any of your own PDF forms for a client where you require text to be filled out and you need one or more signatures.

Special package deals

∗ Standard Broker Package : A collection of 13 forms that cover all insurance agent’s needs.

**Unique Forms: Send us any form you need to automate.  The cost to map all your forms could be cheaper for 20 forms or more and we can give you a confirmed quote per form.  Payment plans available.


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