Prices specific to the Insurance Industry

**Unique Forms: Send us any form you need to automate.  The cost to map all your forms could be cheaper for 20 forms or more and we can give you a confirmed quote per form.  Payment plans available.


These top 13 forms are available on our “Standard Broker Package”

  1. Client Take-on form with Due Diligence (Life Cover /Investments)
  2. Client Consent and Broker Appointment
  3. Broker Fees Consent
  4. Client Advice Record and Replacement
  5. FICA – Client Due Diligence
  6. Risk Profile Analyzer (Generic)
  7. Client Minutes
  8. Client Consent only
  9. Client Take-on Form (General)
  10. Sample form for testing
  11. Client Take-on Form (Medical Cover)
  12. Client Take-on Form (Short-Term Personal)
  13. Client Take-on Form (Short-Term Commercial)

You can choose from any of these existing forms. Our engineers will hardcode your company details into the relevant spots on these forms, under your company profile.

Please note that these 13 forms are the top forms used by the 4 main disciplines, namely life cover and investments, medical, short term, and long-term insurance.

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